Airfield is the second label of Larose. We produce this mid-price Bordeaux-style red when the vintage is not up to the ultra-premium levels of the Stonyridge label.

However, sometimes in great vintages we are too stringent and the Airfield is excellent and (in hindsight) should have been included in Larose.

The blend varies from year to year and may not contain all the varieties. Some years we do not make Airfield at all. One year (1992), the whole vintage was declassified and became Airfield. Always a good value and often not available.

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Second label to the expensive and eminently collectible Larose, the Stonyridge Airfield is a fragrant Bordeaux blend with elegantly rich dark fruit and spice as well as easier on the pocket.

Jo Burzynska for Viva, NZ Herald, June 2007